Appalachian Trail in '65 with taller brother and his gir-friend.

  The AT again in 2005 with hacky-sackin friends.

   Our new, shark-dog Eva. She packs a chompin wallup during her bed attacks.

  Flying first shih-poo, Greta. She handles the shark better and better.

  Wide open Mate from Sydney.

  2020 House of Childhood

   Sister in the 60's..

   Father...serious...aren't they all?

  Namesake great Grandfather E.T. and Mamie

  Spooky daughter 20 years past.

   Cousin Mike, Brother Pete, Sister Betty and Mini Me

   Mom and Dad...happy in 1940's youth

  Brother's '55 card to Great Auntie telling of my 4th birthday party.

  Great Auntie's 1907 card

   Son and friends backpack, campfire philosophizing with cups of pain-no-more

Whoa, dudes....two kinds of trails?