We must be the change we wish to see,
                   not the darkness we wish to leave behind.
- Mohandas K. Ghandi


The best place to find God is in a garden. 
You can dig for him there.
-George Bernard Shaw

A mind that is confused in the false can never find the truth.


We were married by a Judge. I should have asked for a Jury. - George Burns


Even moonlit dewdrops,

If you're lured to watch,
Are a wall before the Truth.
  - Sogyo (1667 - 1731)


When praying, move your feet. - Old African proverb (thanks to Gore's An Inconvenient Truth)


In a pellucid ocean, bubbles arise and dissolve again.
Just so, thoughts are no different from ultimate reality,

           So don't find fault; remain at ease.
                Whatever arises, whatever occurs,

Don't grasp - release it on the spot.
                                                                         Appearances, sounds, and objects
Are all one's own mind;
                                                                                                                                             There's nothing except mind."
  - Buddha

Tomato Vines in November, Michael P. Garofalo, Cuttings

Shadows from a slice of moonshine

Ripple round the sagging vines
Unburdened of their sweet red sex,
Withered, grotesquely bent, impotent.
Yet they live on, now as I:
Mouthfuls of wet seeds turned to chyme,
Reborn as muscles, eyes, and Mind.


Stress Is a publicly acceptable word for living imprisoned by desire and fear  - C. Titmuss



There are good ships and there are wood ships, and there are ships which sail the sea; but the greatest of all is the friendship, and that's the best to be.



When fear speaks,
Wisdom veils its face
  - C. Titmuss


If the mind is not overlaid with wind and waves,
you will always be living among the blue mountains and green trees.
If your true nature has the creative force of Nature itself, wherever you may go,
you will see fishes leaping and geese flying.
- Hung Tzu Ch'eng, 16th century poet