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A Resource of Plantings in Animal Awareness

This website hopefully may assist budding vegetarians
 in discovering animal compassion groups all over the world.

     If you may be on the verge of increased animal compassion, perhaps something within the resource links of this site will help tilt the balance within you. As you may already know, the plight of our speechless friends when left to the means of mankind in search of profit is a distressing story. Similarly regretful is the truth that each of us seems to have a conditioned desire and enjoyment in the taste of our co-animals. Yet both of these stories are fortunately subject to change. Therefore these unfortunate facts can be altered thus must be transformed by each of us. Such vital, individual transformations can be natural and rewarding for those who will take the time to reflect on the pain and suffering of all non-human animals. The insensitive human mechanics of treating animals as only property for the benefit of mankind must be stopped by our daily actions.

     Happily there are large, planet-wide groups of people within organizations which have only one unbiased goal, to tell the truth about what mankind  is doing unethically and cruelly to the animals placed within our groceries and upon our restaurant tables.
These linked associations, shelters and businesses are real people working hard each day for the purpose of educating mankind in this critical realm.

     Increasing our personal wisdom and knowledge is an ever-present duty of each of us animals of reason and reflection. What perhaps is the highest pinnacle of wisdom we can achieve each day?  Simply, compassion - both to ourselves and each other within our societies, and equally to all voiceless beasts who live under our protection and dominion. Fundamental human wisdom reveals that love and compassion to each other is wholly connected to love and compassion with all forms of life. Therefore, we are responsibly and inherently obliged to take small steps of daily changing our current food conditionings in order to lessen  our life-mates suffering which is so hidden from us and so horrible to our friends. Non-violence in all forms must be our target and achievement.
     There is no doubt that
germinating within each of us is this ethical ability and moral desire to change. May increased knowledge be the catalyst which cracks open our seed,  may a clean taproot peek forth and may compassion for all life be the fruit of our personal growth.


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